Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Reviews

  • I’ve been practicing martial arts with the adult group at Central Ave Family Fitness Karate and Kickboxing for the past two years and my son – 8 years old- is “on the mat” for more than 4 years.
    The first thing I would say is that if you are consistent, you will improve your physical condition significantly because every class starts with calisthenics, body conditioning, cardio and strength. I have lost around 15 pounds since I started and strengthened my body and abilities significantly!
    Second, the teachers are extremely experienced, they are great at pushing you to be better, and they can address a wide range of issues when you need advice. The place is great for kids and there are many kids including my son who have achieved Black Belts or other significant achievements.
    Third, the martial arts techniques are rich and include elements of Muay Thai, karate, kick boxing, boxing, some grappling and for the higher ranks real self-defense classes like knife defense. Much more comprehensive tools than one single method like karate or Taekwondo.
    And last, practicing at this Dojo is much more than just punching and kicking or being in shape. It’s also about a healthy life style -like what we eat- and what it means to be a respectful person who strives do the best he can. My goal is to keep this life style forever!

    Ari Perez, Esq

    Ari Perez
  • My 5 year old son is a member of Family Fitness K and really enjoys going to class as he learns new techniques every session. He has been going for a few months now and is currently a black and white belt. Not only are the sessions great but the staff here are wonderful! Master Mike and everyone else makes you feel like family. They are very attentive with the children and have great communication skills with them when they are not paying attention. They know how to make everyone feel welcome and always there to answer all my questions. They have many events that brings family together which is why I am glad that my son and I are part of this wonderful place. Recently my son had his 5th bday party here and Master Mike and Jerry were a big part of his celebration as they had each children participate in tug of war, dodgeball, and my baby boy broke a piece of wood with his hand and knee which the children found astonishing! My son was able to hold a real life sword as well. Overall, great place, great people and its all about FAMILY!

    Lovely Cee
  • Dee C., Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    This is a well deserved review as we are closing in on a year at this martial art studio and can actually speak from experience.

    The location is extremely clean, floors are always clean the walls have fresh paint the lay out is not cluttered and they have all brand new and clean equipment.

    The staff is amazing both Master Vinh and master Mike are true professionals their lean fit and respectful their super friendly and demand respect from the kids they truly lead by example. Their under studies are very nice always smiling work well with the kids and pay attention to detail. Last but not least the smiling and informative receptionist who is amazing at her job sweet to the kids, respectful and never stops smiling! They really put the family in family fitness by getting the parents involved in classes, they know all the names to the kids, respectfully greet the parents, and work with you on your bill no matter your budget!!! They understand life is hard times are hard and rather work with you then see your child leave! That’s the key is to keep the kids consistent.

    They recognize the U.S Holidays and keep everyone in the spirit. They offer a great drop off service for date nights do us parents can get a few hours kid free at an amazing price! They offered a summer camp over the summer we did not partake in due to other obligations and they even have a after school service which is amazing. My kids have made some very good friends here and I met some awesome parents that I’m now friends with.

    This place is 5 star of course there is always room for improvement!

    Dee C.
  • Christina Rodriguez, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    I am 100% satified with this martial arts academy . Not only are they amazing at what they do , they are extremely patient . This academy offers high level training and coaching . With great caring staff . The place is beyond amazing. Master Vinh and Master Mike along with the staff make you feel welcome from the minute you walk in . Family fitness karate & kickboxing is very family oriented. I recently signed up my 5 year old son to help improve his behavior. He has been attending Family fitness karate & kickboxing for 3 months and I seen a whole lot of changes in such a short period of time . The answering back staying focus not listening in general has drastically changed. My son Shiloh has gained confidence in him self . He is always looking forward on Tuesday & Thursday . I would highly recommend family fitness karate & kickboxing to any one !!!

    Christina Rodriguez
  • Carmit Gall, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    It's no coincidence that the first word in this place's name is 'family'. Master Vinh, Master Mike, the staff and the other members make you feel welcome from the very first punch :) My friend told me about this place a year ago and I signed my son up for the 6 week trial. Until then, my son did not commit to any class. We tried soccer, gymnastics, and taekwondo and he refused to go after the first few classes. But he enjoyed FFMMA right away. The masters and instructors skillfully weave discipline with fun and fitness in each lesson. After the trial was over, and I wanted to sign my son up, they insisted on committing for a year. I was weary, but Master Vinh assured me that part of discipline is showing commitment. My husband and I began the trial program as well. What I love most about it is the rigorous workouts and the combination of cardio, strength and conditioning with self defense and technique. Are you a parent and can't workout because you can't leave your child at home? No problem - you can bring your child and have him/her play or do homework while you workout. A year later, I can say that my son's behavior issues in school improved significantly as well as his confidence. My husband and I are in the best shape of our lives. I highly recommend this program!

    Carmit Gall
  • Marlene Subia, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    Dear Master Vinh, My sons Robert & Roger have been attending your classes for almost a year now. It has been so rewarding watching my boys mature right infront of my eyes. The change in my youngest child Roger has been the most evident. Master Vinh and Master Mike have been there for him during his good times and his bad times. Roger has matured so much that it has reflected not only in the karate class but also at his school and as well as his home. I love the way everyone at Family Fitness treats my chidren, like family. They make sure my boys do well in school as well respect your family and keep up with their chores. Honestly enrolling my children in Family fitness Karate and Kickboxing has been the best choice I made in my life. Thanks Again!!!!

    Marlene Subia
  • Sean Q., Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    The best martial arts place in Jersey City. The instructors are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. In time it's like a second home and everyone is like family. You always get a workout, and your money's worth.

    Sean Q.
  • Nordia Wright, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    Family Fitness Karate and Kickboxing has been an amazing experience! I signed my daughter up for the 6-week trial and we loved it! We are now full members, Master Vinh and Master Mike are amazing with the children! I've seen the focus and confidence that it has given my daughter. We truly love it here!

    Nordia Wright
  • Ann S., Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    My son and I have been part of Family Fitness for over two years. I looked into several martial arts school's before signing up with FFMMA and I have no regrets in choosing this school. Flexible schedules, patient teachers and a clean, welcoming environment are just a few of the good things the school has to offer. I especially love the way the teachers interact with the children. They teach the art, instill respect and yet they make it fun. There is also a really fantastic adult class. I have to say, this school takes a personal interest in their students and that makes them stand out above the rest.

    Ann S.
  •   John Semprit , Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    My Daughter and I have been going for about two months and we love it. The adult classes are legit. You work hard and have fun. The instructors really know how to motivate you. My daughter loves going too. This isn't just going through the motions type of classes. They teach these kids true self defense and discipline.

    John Semprit
  • Robin J Woolridge , Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    I love this place. Isaiah has learned so much in the 3 months that he has been attending. Not only learning to protect himself, but learning to be more respectful and social.

    Robin J Woolridge
  • Nachu Mohan, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    Family Fitness Karate and Kickboxing is a wonderful place. My son is going there for 8 weeks... Its completely amazing. Now my son is talking about Focus, Disciplne and Respect. I have seen more focus and confidence has improved on him. We truly love it there!!! Master Vinh, and the instructor Jerry , Leandro and the staffs are really good.

    Nachu Mohan
  • Chelsea Fuller , Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    My son has been there over a month now and I see the change in him already. He's motivated, excited, and is proud of himself. The entire team at Family Fitness is amazing. Thank you all for everything.

    Chelsea Fuller
  •  Silvana Rivadeneira, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    All I can say about this place is, Amazing!! They are very professional my two kids have been attending classes for 6 months and their confidence has improved incredibly, we are very happy and look forward to have fun together...

    Silvana Rivadeneira
  • Danny Guzman , Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    Good school and great instructors!!!

    Danny Guzman
  • drinfernodds, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    Excellent training with great people. There are no egos, class is never boring, you'll always get a workout.

  • Cheryl Anne Marie, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    I have been training for five years now and some. 6x a week. I am in the best shape I ever was. FFMMA has a well balanced Adult program. The dojo is very organized and clean with a positive atmosphere. Both Masters are very experienced and impressive. They dedicate themselves in getting you in shape, achieving your goals, advancing your skill level, giving guidance and emphasizes values, life skills, and successful living. The staff is friendly, energetic, respectful, and informative. The dojo is very family oriented. You meet great people and become a family at the dojo. The prices are very reasonable. Various transportation is accessible to the school. I would highly recommend FFMMA to everyone. Come in and give it a try. I have become addicted and dedicated to martial art training. FFMMA is outstanding. True, genuine, honest and no gimmicks!!!

    Cheryl Anne Marie
  • Joey Salpietro , Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    I cant say enough about how much I love this martial arts school. Master V and Master Mike are extremely knowledgable, they push you to your potential, they motivate. The workout is super awesome you will torch fat and build lean muscle. And learn some serious martial arts skills. You feel like you are part of a family here. Even when I had some personal issues and couldn't get to the school, they reached to make sure I was ok. They genuinely care about people. This is the spot! Try it and transform!

    Joey Salpietro
  • Mama Zeke, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    Very professional and personalize care, they actually spoke to my child focusing on him and his level before asking for $ or trial class sign up.

    Mama Zeke
  • Ann Sullivan-Lafragola , Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    My son and I have been with FFMMA for over two years now. The Masters and younger teachers at the school are wonderful with the kids. I participate in the adult class and love the workout. I also love the fact that everyone is so supportive no matter what your level of ability. The school really is more than just a place to workout. The Masters take the time to get to know their clients and the parents of students get to know each other. Going there to work out or to wait while your child takes class is always a pleasant experience. If you have the time drop by and try out a won't be disappointed!!!

    Ann Sullivan-Lafragola
  • A Google User, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    My family and I have had such a fantastic experience as members of Family Fitness. My kids are more disciplined and energetic. I owe it all to Master Vinh! We are all getting into shape and learning new things on a daily basis. I as a parent love that the every class ends with quote and message or advice of the day, it gives kids something to think about on a more mature level. The children are supported when they have personal issues at times and have been supportive of my efforts to attend every single class and competitions. I recommend this program to all my friends and co-workers. - Elyse

    A Google User
  • Joe Saccente Jr, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    A good friend of mine has been training here for over two years. It has become her second home. She is in the best shape she has ever been and has met great friends through class. If you are looking to get in shape and learn to defend yourself, this is the place to go. Classes allow personalized attention from Master. You will drop pounds, get tone and learn proper defense skills and have fun doing it all with the class. Gym memberships CANNOT compare.

    Joe Saccente Jr
  • A Google User, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    This is the best Karate/MMA school. I have lost over 20 pounds and gained muscle. I am in the best shape of my life!! This school has great Discipline, I've learn how to defend myself and make good friends.

    A Google User
  • A Google User, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    I value the positive environment most about this school. My concern was that it was going to be the kind of place where the instructor just throws you in a ring with someone, but it is nothing like that. Everyone wants to help see you get better, instructors and students alike.

    A Google User
  • A Google User, Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    Since I've join Family Fitness Mixed Martial Arts I have achieved more of my goals as a martials artist and personal goals as well. Master Vinh and master mike teaches technique, respect, honor, and discipline. They train me to go pass your set goals, to never give up on anything you set your mind on. I plan on staying here for as long as i can and train so one day i can become a cage fighter.

    A Google User
  • Cheryl B., Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    Very professional place and friendly atmosphere. Been apart of the dojo for two years and am very satisfied. I regret not joining years ago. I feel like everyone is family. FFMMA Is my home away from home. I enjoy coming to class everyday and am very much dedicated. It is a place that is very clean and staff is outstanding!

    Cheryl B.
  • Terrell Sterling , Family Fitness Karate & Kickboxing Testimonials

    I was a student here many years ago, though they may not remember me Master Vin and Master mike were great leaders and taught me very important lessons throughout high school that I still practice to this day. It is great to see how much this place has grown.

    Terrell Sterling

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